How Market Trends Can Impact Your Small Business

As a small business it is important to be aware of the trends occurring within your market in order to assist you with your future business and marketing plans. Identifying the market trends that will impact on your business enables you to gain a competitive advantage.

Build or Buy? The Ultimate Question

The old phrase comes to mind, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” There are a million other phrases that come to mind but I won’t bother you with them. In a nutshell many companies feel that they can build something internally versus going outside the company. There could be many reasons for […]

Guarantee Network Marketing Success With These Ingredients

Financial success in the network marketing industry is not a secret. It is a systematic science. There are specific ingredients required of you to be able to have the phenomenal financial success you have always dreamed. There are two crucial ingredients in order to have phenomenal success in the direct sales marketing industry. Most people […]

The Need For Bundled Outsourcing In Business Today

Bundled outsourcing is popular among business people today. Most financial organizations have started including Information Technology Outsourcing or ITO and Business Process Outsourcing or BPO in their core business strategies. Processing and administration of loans are two reasons why many companies choose to outsource. Saving Both Time And Money Other examples of bundled outsourcing are […]

Outsourcing of Business Software Solutions

In recent years, outsourcing of business software solutions has gained much importance. Whether it is a small business set up or a huge business corporation, the economic as well as competitive pressures involved in today’s dynamic business environment has made it imperative for the business firms of all sizes to concentrate on their core business […]

You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure

One of the most powerful, yet underutilized tools, in marketing is tracking. By that I mean some form of measuring the success and failure of marketing initiatives. For most this practice might begin and end at measuring the response rate of a direct mail piece. What I am talking about though is a systematic approach […]

Components Of A Marketing Strategy

To successfully start and run a business and earn consistent profit, the business needs to be based upon certain fundamental tried and test business platforms. These platforms are independent of the business and it is believed that the reason for failure of many business of the failure to pay attention to certain core elements of […]

US Interactive Marketing Spending To Reach $61 Billion By 2012

US Interactive marketing spending is estimated to reach $61 Billion by 2012, says Forrester Research. It also indicates that barriers between traditional and interactive marketing will dissolve within five years. “Interactive marketing spending in the US will more than triple over the next five years, reaching $61 billion by 2012, according to a new Forrester […]

Follow-Up Marketing: How to Win More Sales with Less Effort

A study done by the Association of Sales Executives revealed that 81% of all sales happens on or after the fifth contact. If you’re a small business owner and you’re only doing one or two follow-ups imagine all the business you’re losing. Not following up with your prospects and customers is the same as filling […]

A New Model for Marketing

In the article ‘A new model for marketing’ in McKinsey Quarterly of November 2004, the consultants stated that “more than half of the CMOs we talked with said that a major restructuring of marketing models will be needed to solve this Rubik’s Cube of segments, products, channels, and media in a profitable way. “ McKinsey […]