My Personal CMO is written by a mom…

… who has an MBA in International Business, Finance & Marketing from NYC, the Stern School of Business, has been a strategic planning consultant for years, has taught Internet Marketing, eCommerce & Web Design in Silicon Valley, and has topped off her professional IT strategy background with some years as an Senior Internet Marketing Analyst for the #1 analyst firm in the world. However, she’s determined to never talk ‘tech’ again.



MyPersonalCMO assist CMOs – marketers in succeeding in the challenging, transforming field of marketing. It facilitates marketing re-invention: adopting new marketing metrics, succeeding in interactive branding, realigning business with new CRM insights — just to name a few.

Increasingly interdependent on CTOs and CIOs, CMOs must to able to communicate with them in a common language – let it be business objectives. MyPersonalCMO takes business and marketing approach to technology issues. It includes practical topics like: contemporary marketing challenges & trends; strategic CMO issues, Marketing Planning and Online Branding, and IT technologies, new media, new marketing and anything else every CMO should know about.

Particularly in online marketing where wild-west panoramas transform into emerging new Internet marketing opportunities, there still tends to be a short-term, tactical approach, corporate disinterest or worse, IT-driven marketing projects. Real opportunities need more dovetailing with long-term strategic marketing planning. MyPersonalCMO offers insight.


MyPersonalCMO helps business decision making. If small/medium business managers and entrepreneurs understand how to use latest technologies, it gives their business an edge. Non-technical managers must be knowledgeable enough in discussions with technical people to realize business goals through technology. MyPersonalCMO shares marketing planning frameworks with technical people to help them relate to their marketing peers.


The purpose of this blog is to help link TRADITIONAL MARKETING, WITH NEW MARKETING, TECHNOLOGY AND OVERALL BUSINESS MISSIONS. There is value in teaching engineers the language and insights of business planning and strategic marketing.

I hope our blog helps you succeed in optimal marketing of your business.

A Lee, Internet Marketing & Strategic Planning Expert, Your Personal CMO
A. Lee
Your Personal CMO