What Rising Stars Should Know

This article offers career-determining advice for marketing rookies and some reminders for veteran marketing VP’s. In his article ‘ 4 Things You Should Never Say to the CEO’ posted at hotjobs by the speech writer of GE’s famous prior-CEO John Welsh, he points out some valuable advice for any corporate rising star or VP. When […]

Tis the Season for Marketing Planning

by Dana Blozis For many businesses, the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. For others, the holidays are a bit slower. Regardless of which category your business fits into, you should be looking ahead to 2008. Why now? Year end is ideal for reflecting on what you’ve accomplished during the […]

Support Ticket System – How It Helps Your Company

Having a robust Internet marketing strategy certainly helps, but it does not necessarily guarantee the success of your online initiatives because what plays an equally important role is the effectiveness of your customer support services. Since the thing that will ultimately decide the fate of your online business is the level of faith entrusted upon […]

An eCommerce Primer

Many small business owners will find the need to accept credit card payments for products and services offered on their website. When I set up my first ecommerce website I found the information surrounding online credit card purchases to be more confusing than any other aspect of marketing on the Internet. The reason as it […]

Online Shopping Carts – Preventing Customer Frustration Online

By West Andy There are millions of retail websites on the Internet that use online shopping carts to enable customers to order products or services online. If you’ve ever shopped online, however, you know that all online shopping carts are not created equal. Some are confusing to use, don’t allow you to make changes as […]


By Vera Lang HAPPY HOLIDAYS & BEST WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR Taking this moment to wishing you a holy, healthy, happy Holidays and a marvelous 2008. May all your good-inspired projects (using any kind of software) come to fruition, bringing you lots of insights, work satisfaction and a delightful bottom line, day after day […]

Demographic targeting — the next big thing in PPC!

I want to take a few minutes to talk about a recent development in paid search — and its implications as a new Internet marketing tool. I’m talking about “demographic targeting,” something that both MSN AdCenter (in beta) and Google AdWords have just started offering. So let’s take a look at what it is and […]

Marketing Strategy: 7 Steps to Market Segmentation – part 2

part 2 of the article: STEP 4: Identify the determining dimensions Carefully review the list resulted form the previous step. You should have by now a list of need dimensions for each market segment: try to identify those that carry a determining power. Reviewing the needs and attitudes of those you included within each market […]

Marketing Strategy: 7 Steps to Market Segmentation – part 1

By Otilia Otlacan Market segmentation is widely defined as being a complex process consisting in two main phases: – identification of broad, large markets – segmentation of these markets in order to select the most appropriate target markets and develop Marketing mixes accordingly. Everyone within the Marketing world knows and speaks of segmentation yet not […]

How I Got 70,000 Useless Visitors To My Site In One Day! ( Analysis of Social Bookmark Traffic)

Copyright © 2007 Titus Hoskins Recently, a page on one of my websites was bookmarked or listed on Digg, a popular social bookmark site. It gave me the perfect opportunity to study and analyze the traffic coming from these social media sites. Read to discover the advantages and disadvantages of social bookmark traffic and how […]