Niche Marketing Explained

An article geared towards non-marketing people: One of the latest buzz phrases in the online business world is “niche marketing.” You have probably read that niche marketing is highly important on the Internet. If you are wondering what all this talk is about, I am going to try to explain what niche marketing means. I […]

Marketing During a Recession

Turn off the television. Avoid your radio. Line the bird cage with the morning paper. Why, you ask? The thunderous gloom and doom predictions of the Federal Reserve would lead one to believe we’ve got to stop spending and stuff our hard-earned cash under our mattresses. Whether we actually enter a recession or not is […]

Branding Your Complete Customer Service Experience

By Vera Lang To build a strong brand with a loyal customer base, your business must create a complete chain of customer experiences with outcomes that your customers value and adore. Repeat business is the most profitable business, and so all business should aspire to build customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is based on customer service […]

Components Of A Marketing Strategy

To successfully start and run a business and earn consistent profit, the business needs to be based upon certain fundamental tried and test business platforms. These platforms are independent of the business and it is believed that the reason for failure of many business of the failure to pay attention to certain core elements of […]

A New Model for Marketing

In the article ‘A new model for marketing’ in McKinsey Quarterly of November 2004, the consultants stated that “more than half of the CMOs we talked with said that a major restructuring of marketing models will be needed to solve this Rubik’s Cube of segments, products, channels, and media in a profitable way. “ McKinsey […]

How to Rank #1 in the Search Engines Blogging and Make Huge Profit

If I told you that five minutes after reading this you could have a web site up and running that can promote your online business, boost your traffic, provide better customer service, and help you make more sales… would you believe me? How about if I added that you can do all of this for […]

Vital Component to Marketing Success: Establishing Credibility

Copyright © 2007 Joel Sussman As a salesperson or the owner of a small business, do you consider yourself to be qualified, experienced, and dependable? More importantly, have 95% of your customers had a satisfying experience doing business with you or your company? If your answer is ‘yes’ to all those questions, then your services […]

Nine Ways to Get Free Publicity and More Clients

Copyright © 2007 Joel Sussman One of the disadvantages of traditional marketing is that it often lacks credibility. Why should someone believe you when they know you’re trying to sell them something? However, there are free or inexpensive techniques for gaining business-building, positive exposure through a number of channels that may not be occurring to […]