Electrify Your Marketing Using Positive Energy

Copyright © 2007 Hirini Reedy

Many internet entrepreneurs need to often stop and reflect on their results. A bit like an engineer checking your energy circuits. Finding where the most flow and resistance occurs. Replenishing your batteries so that you have more energy to input into your internet marketing. So take some time now to rest and ask the question, “what is my energy level right now?” If your eyes, neck and brain ache then it is time to replenish your batteries. Get up, walk and stretch your body. Yet what if you are feeling disillusioned? Spending long hours on the internet but still lacking results. You write great salescopy but still no sales. You need to look at the energy vibrations you are subconsciously sending out.

Here are some ways to input more energy into your internet marketing efforts.

1. Get Rid Of The Mosquito Mind

The mosquito mind is the annoying negative mindset that we all have. It whines and bites when we are uncertain, scared and frustrated. Being bitten once by a mosquito is OK. Same with a negative thought. Yet being bitten all night by a mosquito makes you grumpy and tired. Same with continual negative thinking. It drains you and makes you grumpy. So it is time to swat that annoying mosquito and rub on repellent. So when you feel a negative thought start to bite, just give your forehead a good slap. It will help get rid of the whining negative thought.

2. Reverse The Energy Polarity.

We can transform negative actions by reversing their polarity. Find their positive equivalents. Everything in nature has a negative and positive polarity that creates both balance and flow. Find the positive equivalents in your life negatives. Here is an example based around two work negatives relating to a struggling internet entrepreneur.


My desk is a mess and I cannot find important documents. I stress out.

Positive Reversal

My work space is organised with a good filing system that I enjoy using.


Worried about paying bills, always struggling to keep ahead.

Positive Reversal.

My bills are easily paid on time. I enjoy peace of mind.

By adding these positives together, we start to create a positive energy flow around workspace and money. For example, Positive1 + Positive2 = “a organised workspace with a good filing system I enjoy using. My bills are easily paid on time. I enjoy peace of mind”. This looks more exciting then focusing on the negative equivalents. This positive statement forms part of your new desired outcome. It adds voltage to your energy levels.

3. Programme Your Subconscious With Positive Outcomes.

Get very clear on your desired outcome first. Describe it. Picture it. Fill in the details. Then instruct your subconscious mind to find ways to manifest this desired outcome. For example: “My desired outcome is to have an organised workspace with a good filing system I enjoy. My bills are easily paid on time and I enjoy peace of mind. Subconscious mind, find me ways to fulfil this desire. Thank you”. Then just carry on with the rest of your day. Your mind will start to work behind the scenes to fulfil your order.

So start making a list of all your negatives. Find their positive equivalents. Then start to create business changes based around these positives. Become the change you desire.

Hirini Reedy is a native author, civil engineer, retired military officer, martial arts black belt, NLP master practitioner and internet entrepreneur. He uses native wisdom combined with modern psychology to create SIMPLE solutions. Visit http://www.maori-secrets.com