Google Adsense: How Much Money You Can Make and URL Channels Explanation

How Much Money may I Make With Google Adsense?

How much do you wish to make? How hard do you wish to work? And how much time do you wish to spend working the Google Adsense program?

These are the queries you must ask yourself in order to answer that question.

Look at it this way: how many business chances come your way where the only requirement is hard work and the time it takes to work hard? Not many. Almost any business venture requires some sort of start-up money.

If your total earnings is showing 0.00 after a week, not to worry. Keep reading and learning and working. If however, you’re still showing 0.00 after a month, it perhaps time to implement a few of those optimization tips you’ll get on the Google Adsense Support web site. Play around with the placement of the ads on your web site. Consider changing the colors. Look again at the content. Is it interesting?

As with any other business, with the Google Adsense program, the sky is the limit. Work hard. Work smart. Have entertaining. After all, you’re the boss.

What Are URL Channels and How to Organize Them in Google Adsense?

URL Channels allow you to view detailed information about the performance of your Adsense for Content pages.

Suppose you’ve a web log at and you also have a web log at It might be interesting and fruitful to track which one is getting more clicks. Log in to your Adsense account and click on Adsense for Content. Scroll down until you see Channels and click on manage channels. You may require to scroll up when the next page loads. Under Manage URL Channels you’d type and click on Create New Channel. You’ll instantly see in the Active URL Channels dialogue box Now type in in the same channel text box and again click on Create New Channel. You now have two channels and you will be able to track your progress on each channel. You may view channel reports from the Advanced Report page under the Reports tab. Select Adsense for Content, select the date range and then choose the Channels Data radio button. Select any number of active channels by holding down the CTRL key. Next click on Display Report. It’s as easy as that.