Google Adsense: Rules Surrounding Invalid Clicks and Being in Control

What Is So Important About An Invalid Click and How Will It Affect Me?

More than anything, an invalid click is a big no-no and it will get your account terminated faster than anything else. Having said that, an invalid click is when a publisher clicks on their own ads to add to their earning potential . It’s also when a publisher asks other people to click on their ads just to raise their revenue. It as well raises the advertiser’s prices and Google won’t bear this. Google Adsense has state of the art technology and they know what’s going on.

Invalid clicks also happen when somebody uses robots to click on ads or automated software. It’s any deceptive practice used to click on ads.

Invalid clicks are also unnecessary as there are plenty of money-making chances with valid clicks. With an optimised site, useful content, and attractive ads, there’s no reason for anyone to even entertain the idea of using invalid clicks.

Having Control Over Your Adsense Account

You the publisher, have complete control over the advertisement that runs on your web site. You may select to run only image ads, only text ads, or a combination of both. Google recommends that you select a combination of some to maximize your earning potential, but the decision is yours.

When making your ad decision, you also have the freedom to select which type of ads run across your whole account (image or text) or you may narrow that decision to what type of ad might run on a specific page.

Because of right now, you’re not able to differentiate your image ad click rate from your text ad click rate. You may naturally, differentiate your click rate from one web site as opposed to another web site. Say, for instance, you run only image ads on one web site and only text ads on another web site. By setting up channels to track both web site*, you may see which web site has the better click rate. Naturally, you’ve to take into consideration there wishful more factors than whether you were running text or image ads. The content, the placement of the ads generally, even the color could make a difference.

Refer to the Google Adsense Support web site for particular instructions on how to enable or disable image ads. Remember, it’s all up to you!