Google Adsense: The Google Adsense Report and Why the Program is Original

Understanding the Google Adsense Report

When you log into your Google Adsense account, you’re automatically gone for the page where you may see all your Adsense activity. On the Reports tab, you’ll find “Today’s Earnings.” This is the inexact amount you’ve earned today in your Google Adsense account. Net profit are not final at this point and could be adjusted for invalid clicks or fees.

It’s interesting to look at the breakdown. As you may see, Adsense for Content, which relates to the pointed ads appearing on the pages in which you’ve written content, is listed first. Here you’ll find the number of page impressions listed in the first column. While a page impression is normally the same as a page view, that’s not always the case. For a more elaborated definition of a page impression, see Google Adsense support, click on Your Adsense Account and then click on Your Adsense Report.

Next, you’ll notice the number of clicks. This refers to the number of times “your ads” were clicked on.

Page click through rate or CTR is in the next column shown as a percentage. It represents the percentage of the time an ad was clicked on after seeing your page.

Page eCPM which represents effective cost per thousand impressions. It’s calculated by dividing total earnings by the number of page impressions in thousands.

Don’t be intimidated by these statistics. The bottom line, your earnings, is what actually counts. As you become more familiar with Google Adsense, statistics will become like second nature. First, just begin.

How is Google Adsense Different From Other Ad Networks?

Mainly as it’s Google and that carries several clout just with name recognition alone. But here are a few advantages to being a part of the Google Adsense network:

Getting started is fast and easy and needs no technical knowledge. Google Adsense even provides html code for easy implementation with clear instructions.

Google Adsense has both the Adsense for Content feature and the Adsense for explore feature.

Google Adsense not only offers keyword pointed ads but web site pointed ads as well, increasing your potential for revenue.

Google Adsense offers a filter so that you may select not to run your competitor’s ads on your pages as well as filter other unwanted ads.

Google Adsense offers an extensive support web site that’s easily understood.