Google Adsense: Where to Place Ads on Your Web Pages and a Profile of

Choosing Where to locate Your Google advertisements on Your Web Pages so That they’ll Be Most fruitful

This is one of the best parts of the whole Google Adsense experience. No one else gets to make this decision except you. It’s your page. You have to decide how many ( up to 3 ads per page), what colors and shapes you’ll apply and on what part of the page the advertisement will be placed. Should you place your advertisements at the top or bottom? In the middle of the text? To the left or right?

The most crucial decision should be supported the needs of the visitors to your web site? What are they searching? Are they there to read or simply to browse. If they’re there to read an entire article, say, you might try placing your advertisements at the bottom of the page so they’ll have something to do next. A few publishers swear by locating the advertisements at the top left of the page as they think purchasers look there first.

The entertaining thing is experimenting with all the possibilities. Try different advertisement positions and different colors for a week and note the differences in your reports. When you hit on something successful, you’ll find the difference.

Profile of For Those Who May wish To Use it For Google Ads

Blogger Party is another web log hosting site where you may make profit with Google Adsense. You make an account and use the publisher id you got when you made your Google Adsense account. If you’ve not done that yet, that’s the first step to making profit with your web log*.

At, pointed Google Adsense advertisements will be showed on your web log pages. Fifty percent of that time, the advertisements will have your Google Adsense publishers ID and the other fifty percent of the time they’ll have Blogger Party’s Adsense ID or split between them and the person who referred you. That’s right, referrals get 25% of the ad time, which comes out of Blogger Party’s share and not the original blogger’s or the referral’s.

Blogger Party promises “party points” any time you write something or comment on someone else’s web log. They don’t do anything as yet, but later you will be able to trade them in for prizes according to Blogger Party’s admin.