Internet Marketing Success Secret – Stop The So-Called Scam Mentality

The number one way you can start making the money of dreams through effective Internet marketing in any business that you choose is by getting yourself out of the so-called “scam mentality” and then correctly creating the mindset of a champion instead.

I get emails and calls from people on a regular basis who say they’ve heard of this established Internet marketing program as being a scam or that MLM over yonder as a scam or some other direct sales program or business being a scam.

I will get an email on a regular basis from someone saying something like, ‘sounds great Tim, I really want to finally become financially independent, but I’ve heard that this program might be a scam.’

The funny thing is, I usually get emails or phone calls like the above example only after I have conducted an interview between myself and the prospect to see if they qualify to work with me as a mentor or if the particular opportunity is a match for the prospect.

The ‘scam’ excuse only presents itself after the interview process has taken place when the prospect needs to make a decision whether to finally take control of their financial life or to continue to slave away at a job that is making them broke and unhappy.

So if the prospect really believed a particular opportunity was a scam, then why would they remain in constant communication with me about the program and then only at the end when it is decision making time does the ‘scam excuse’ reveal itself.

The answer is the prospect doesn’t really believe the opportunity is a scam, but rather just creating another excuse or a quiet lie in the back of their mind as to why they shouldn’t be successful.

Sometimes I will even get another email or phone call weeks later from the same person that pulled out the ‘scam card’ weeks earlier asking me again if they can get involved in the business and be mentored by me. And my typical reaction is something like, ‘But I thought you said it was a scam?’

Stop Making Excuses:

The number one reason people fail to achieve financial freedom is because they are still stuck in the poverty mindset or as I like to call it, the “scam mentality.”

These people like to create and devise every excuse under the sun for why they should not start a business. They are constantly trying to put the blame on someone else. They are spending every waking hour quietly lying to their selves as to why they haven’t yet achieved their goals.

The people still stuck in this mindset are really looking to get rich by magic, or win the lottery, or get lucky on a game show or want someone else to do all the work for them and to do the work for free.

Choose the Champion Mindset:

I completely understand how difficult it is to make the transition from working at a job, to starting a business on top of the time you spend at your job so that you can achieve your financial victory. It sometimes seems impossible that you can do it. But the secret is to never stop once you have started.

A champion knows that as long as they continue to spend whatever available time on a business, even if the time spent is just a few minutes, a day they will ultimately triumph sooner or later.

Nothing can stop you, no one can stop you from doing your best. The only force in the universe that can stop you is yourself.

Even if it takes a few years until you finally succeed with your business and achieve your financial freedom, the time spent to make your dream come true will be so small when compared to the endless decades of work it will take you to achieve your financial dreams slaving away at a pointless job.

Get out of the so-called “scam mentality” and achieve your dreams now. Become a champion and overcome all of the obstacles that the world throws your way every time you make the choice to do so.

Remember, that it is you who is control of your destiny. You choose who you are and the moment you commit yourself to making the choice, nothing that exists anywhere in the universe will stop you from getting to where it is you have chosen to go.

“All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts.” -James Allen

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