Making Money with Articles: What Kind of Experience Do I Need?

When you’re trying to make money with articles, the beauty of it’s that you don’t actually require previous career related experience and that you may learn the ropes as you go. That being said, there are some skills that you’ll require to teach yourself or pick up along the way to make your web site* successful. You can’t go in not knowing anything, not learning anything, and still expect to make a good profit (or any income at all).

First, you’ll require to know how to choose the correct articles to make your web site* successful. There are several types of content, from free content to high dollar content, and each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages (though high-priced content is more likely to give you a successful web site in the end).

Second, you’ll require to know how to select keywords that may aid you get a good amount of traffic, without being too competitive to get on the first or second page. If you select extremely competitive keywords that are used by large, mammoth site, you’re likely to never get up to those much required first two pages.

Third, you’ll require to know how to optimise your sites for several search engines. Search engine optimisation skills will allow you to get high rankings for your chosen niche keywords, which will aid to get visitors and make income.

Fourth, if you choose for a large site that you’ll focus most of your internet marketing career on, you’ll also require to know how to market your site to your intended audience through paid banner advertisements and text links. If you prefer very small 2-5 page niche web site*, then promoting all of them this way won’t be cost-efficient and will eat up more earnings than it’s worth.

If you may capture a few of these skills and attack them aggressively during your first few small sites or the first few months of a larger site, then you’ll eventually become an expert. Since you may learn the ropes first hand on your own, the only thing that you’ll require to do before you begin your new career is to read up on how to get started (perhaps buy an internet marketing e-book or two) and be sure that you’ve the funds available to start a small web site.