Stop Google Adwords From Stealing Your Money

Losing lots of hard-earned money on Google Adwords and getting no results? Feel like you walked into a landmine and just looking for an answer to get your money back?

Apply these 5 essential keys to make Google Adwords give you back your money, destroy those Google pay per click landmines and create your own Google Adwords goldmines.

Key #1: Do Not Advertise on the Content Network

In your Google Adwords account make sure you turn the “content” network off.

The content network puts your ad in front of too broad of a market. The content network includes Google pay per click ads appearing next to personal e-mail, blogs, and online publishers such as press release websites. The percentages of potential buyers in the content network are low. You are wasting your money in the content network.

Key #2: Do Not Advertise on the Search Network

Turn the “search” network settings off in your Google Adwords account.

The search network includes small Google search engine partners and affiliates that can be compared to the quality of spam or junk mail. A small amount of potential buyers are looking for your product within this search network. The search network is filled with eternal information seekers; people who are not serious about buying but rather wishing to find something for nothing.

Key #3: Put Quotes Around Keywords

Put quotation marks at the beginning and end of each keyword phrase. Quotation marks tell Google Adwords to only show your pay per click ads when the same exact phrase is searched. If you are selling the cure for cancer, one of your keyword phrases should be “cure for cancer.” When someone puts that exact phrase into the Google search engine your ad appears and is exactly targeted to the exact person who is searching that exact term. The better targeted the ad, the better chance you will make a sale.

You are wasting your money if you fail to put quotation marks around your keywords because you are not targeting your buying market. Your ad appears to the wrong market when someone searches the phrase ‘fake cancer cure lies and scams.’ It is the wrong keyword phrase, the wrong person and thus the wrong market.

Key #4: Keywords in Ads

Put your Google pay per click term in the actual ad. You only have a few lines to grab a targeted buyers’ attention. So include the searched term in the ad. Put ‘cure for cancer’ on the top line of the ad. Google Adwords will bold that term, it will be included in your ad and it is the term the buyer searched. You are more likely to make a sale when a buyer is looking for exactly what you are selling.

Key #5: Use Specifics

If you are selling a home-based business, do not use keywords such as ‘home-based business’ because again it is too broad. Use specific terms instead. If the name of your business is ‘Troll Doll Central’ then use that specific keyword term and put it in your Google Adwords campaign. Now when ‘Troll Doll Central’ is searched you know that person is looking for your business and will most likely buy when an ad appears targeting exactly what they are searching for.

Use these 5 essential keys to stop your Google Adwords campaign from stealing your money. Applying these correct marketing principles will turn Google Adwords into your own personal goldmine whenever you choose.

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